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Intriguity Design Studio offers product design & e-commerce services to jewelry manufacturing companies across the world. Jewelry Business has become highly competitive in recent times & there is an increasing amount of importance given to CAD/CAM & Digital Marketing by companies world wide.
The growth of the internet, standardization of parameters involved in jewelry sales such as diamond grading, hallmarking, certification from agencies such as IDI & increasing use of credit cards has contributed to the growth of e-commerce for purchase of jewelry.

Product renderings & animation videos give a realistic feel to the jewelry so that the customer can evaluate hundreds of options in choosing a design while purchasing jewelry sitting in the comforts of his home. Animations such as box view ( how a ring would look in a box ) and hand view ( how a ring would look on a female hand ) make it quite easy for a purchaser to evaluate many designs.

Intriguity Design Studio offers end-to-end solutions for jewelry manufacturers for making e-commerce websites. We can start right from a sketch to prepare the CAD Model. Further, the CAD Model is rendered to produce realistic images of the jewelry model. Later, the same CAD Model can be used to produce animations to be uploaded on the website. Complete website development can be undertaken to upload the models on the company website. Product configurations can be established depending upon the type of metal to be used (gold, platinum), diamond size, metal weight etc.

Prices can be attached to every model which can be linked to fluctuating gold prices which will be updated on the website automatically. Payment gateways can be incorporated or enquiries can be channelized to the company.
We have a team of qualified CAD Designers, website developers, animators, programmers to execute customer projects. Project Managers interact with the customer regarding each & every phase of the project incorporating customer feedback during the project execution phase itself.

Facilities : Our facilities include workstations with latest processors used for high-end animations, software licenses such as Rhino, RhinoJewel, JewelCAD, VRay , Flamingo, Brazil etc.

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