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TDM Solutions is a company that provides CAD/CAM solutions to a variety of industries, focusing in jewelry, but also including the automotive, casts and molds, prototype, footwear and general mechanics industries. Developer of design and manufacturing applications, enhancing RhinoGold, and others such as Clayoo, RhinoMold, RhinoNest and RhinoShoe

Scanystems S R L based in Pisa, Italy manufactures and sells a range of 3D Scanners based on white-light technology. Their range of 3D Scanners are one of the best in the industry with leading companies in the world using their products. Reliable and highly performing systems, resulting from a continuous research and development activity that ScanSystems carries on also through a close co-operation with the University of Pisa.

Solidscape, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures and sells model making hardware and software. It is based in Merrimack, USA & employs 70 employees.

RhinoJewel is developed & marketed by TechJewel S.L which is based in Barcelona, Spain.

Based in Richardson, Texas, USA, Alibre delivers affordable design solutions to tens of thousands of businesses and individuals in over 50 countries and in over 15 languages

Founded in 1980, McNeel’s focus has also been on developing and publishing specialty Windows software for designers, engineers, and fabricators, and their related support staff.

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